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Big Game Recipes

Chipotle Venison Burger

Bust out the ‘cue and ice down the beer, it’s officially grilling season. Oh sure, in most of the Western U.S., you can fire up the barbecue just about any time during the year, but summer is the time when I end up cooking outside more often than in. Keep the kitchen cool and fire up…

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Venison Satay Skewers

Prepared on The Sporting Chef TV show with my good friend, Joe Shaw.  Hey Joe, how come you never call any more? If your guests are allergic to peanuts, then this would not be a party starter. Print Recipe Venison Satay Skewers Ingredients2 pounds venison hindquarter muscle or backstrap trimmed of all silver skin and…

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Venison Sloppy Joe’s

This recipe is a bit of a throwback to my school days when my mother would blend canned “Manwhich” sauce with cooked ground beef. Truth be told, I got really tired of eating Sloppy Joe’s. I’m pretty sure that I went 25 years or so before eating another one after high school. That is, until…

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Corned Venison Hash

This recipe works with any type of corned game. You can find a corned venison recipe HERE. I like to top it with a pair of over-easy eggs and a splash of hot sauce. And if your venison isn’t already “corned,” my friend Hank Shaw has an easy tutorial of how to corn venison on…

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Smoked and Grilled Venison Burger

Venison burgers are the typical summer fare for most of us grilling. But have you tried them smoked using Camp Chef’s smoke vault? You are in for a treat. And watch this episode of The Sporting Chef on my take on a few versions of venison burgers. Print Recipe Smoked and Grilled Venison Burgers Venison…

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Corned Venison

I solicited some help for this recipe from my friend Hans Hummel of Hi Mountain Seasonings and his friend, Jim Waterman. Hi Mountain makes a deep line of seasonings, jerky cures and kits, sausage kits and more that’ll make your fish and game taste exceptionally good. Their game seasonings are not the typical overpriced repackaged…

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