Big Game Recipes

Basic Rub

There is no such thing as the “perfect” rub. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some like it sweet, some like it spicy. Others are fine with salt and pepper. Keep in mind that no matter how long you leave the rub on the meat, it will not penetrate deep into the meat past the…

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Smoked Venison Burger

Firing up the smoker isn’t always convenient, like in the dead of winter, or when you’re just short on time. Here’s a way to give you smoke-flavored burgers anytime. You can slap make these smoke-flavored venison patties right on a hot grill or freeze them for later. To freeze, place smoked patties on a lightly…

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Lettuce Cups with Smoked Venison

Wrapping food in lettuce wraps has made a big impression on the dining public. These are cool and crisp on the outside and warm, crunchy, and smoky on the inside. The best way to serve lettuce cups is family style. Stack lettuce leaves, filling, and condiments like Asian hot sauce, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce…

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Coffee-Rubbed Venison Roast

Add new life to old coffee grounds with this earthy rub for smoked venison roasts. The rub is also great on any other dark-fleshed game, beef, and pork. (Try this Coffee Rubbed Goose Breast recipe) Done right, a smoked venison roast is moist and tender, like a beautiful medium-rare beef roast. The biggest difference between…

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Citrus, Herb, and Garlic Roast

Acidic lime, lemon, and orange juices give this smoked and marinated venison roast its “high notes.” They’re the flavors that liven up your taste buds, much like a natural monosodium glutamate, but with fewer syllables and no adverse side effects. This recipe works best with a hindquarter roast, preferably boneless, but it will work with…

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The Sporting Chef

Pan-Seared Tenderloin with Zinfandel Sauce

If I’m cooking for a crowd, I’ll use an inexpensive generic wine for a reduction and save my money for the wines that I drink. If I’m making this recipe at home, my go-to wine is the Michael-David Freakshow Zinfandel. It’s a bit more subtle than some of the bolder zinfandels from the Lodi, California…

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Shrooms Times Two

Too many home game chefs have turned to the slow-cooker and a can of cream of mushroom soup to turn their venison into something that tastes like, well, cream of mushroom soup. I understand that it’s easy and edible, but it’s just not for me. This recipe combines a mushroomy crusted venison steak with a…

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Steak Diane

Deer Diane

Picture the waiter with the fancy outfit and the snotty attitude preparing a flaming steak Diane tableside at a white tablecloth restaurant. Now imagine the same guy screaming as he runs away with his mustache on fire. Know why? He wasn’t paying attention when he cooked with brandy and an open flame. Follow the directions…

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Cubed Steaks with Black Pepper and Tomato Sauce

If you have your animals processed by a pro, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a fair amount of cube steaks. Tougher cuts are run through a tenderizer, or “cuber.” If you process several of your own deer, consider a hand-operated or electric home cuber. They’re pretty handy.

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