Big Game Recipes

Chipotle Elk Sliders

Here’s a recipe you can use with your ground game, whether it’s elk, antelope, or deer. I like to make a batch of these ahead of time, then vacuum seal and freeze them. You can take them right out of the freezer, put them on the grill or in a skillet and they’ll be a…

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Wild Game Meat Loaf

Mexican Meatloaf

Among the many things you can do with ground wild game is one of my favorites – meatloaf. Meatloaf combines all the elements of burgers, meatballs and, in this case, tacos into a tasty dish that is as good the next day as it is when first served. I actually prefer leftover meatloaf that I…

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onion soup

Vidalia Onion Soup and Blue Cheese Toast

The state vegetable of Georgia, the Vidalia onion is sweet, not hot. I’ve taken bites out of raw ones. Try that with a standard yellow onion! Available April through late fall, get ’em while you can. If they’re unavailable, substitute with another variety of sweet onion. In a pinch, standard onions can be sweetened while…

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venison stew

Portuguese Venison Stew

When the tasty Portuguese sausage is browned and the fat is rendered into the pot, the venison is seared in the same juicy fat, absorbing all the sausage goodness. Take your time, and make sure the sausage and the venison are evenly browned. The rest of the cooking part is easy. If you can’t find…

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mushroom soup

Venison Backstrap Mushroom Soup

As the name implies, this soup is crammed full of mushrooms. The type of mushrooms you use for this dish is entirely up to your personal preferences, your budget and the availability of the mushrooms. I’ve also made this soup with rehydrated wild mushrooms, and it’s just as delicious. The backstrap is grilled, but it…

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chicken stew

Spicy Venison Sausage, Wild Rice and Kale Stew

This recipe includes spicy venison sausage, but any venison sausage, spicy or not, will do. If your venison sausage is a milder variety, throw in a pinch or two of red pepper flakes to spice it up. Wild rice is a watergrass seed. It’s nutty, chewy and often paired with “regular” rice to give it…

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bean soup

Four Bean Soup

Oh sure, “three beans” — you hear that all the time. This soup is one bean better, but instead of green, waxed and kidney beans, it’s loaded with white beans, lima beans, garbanzo beans and black beans. Of course, if you have alternate favorite bean choices, go nuts. It’s your soup. Regarding the beans, you…

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Italian Meatball Soup

I’m always on the lookout for something to do with a large inventory of ground venison — meatloaf, burger, sausage and, of course, meatballs. The versatility of the meatball is limited only by your imagination. Make it spicy, savory, or sweet and sour, but make it with just enough breading to bind it together so…

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mixed grill plate

Venison Mixed Grill

You’ve got a mixed bag of venison parts, but not quite enough of any one cut of meat to serve your guests. Restaurants do it all the time: “Tonight, we have a special, our mixed grill.” It’s also a good sampler dish for your friends who might not have the opportunity to enjoy properly cooked…

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