8 Grilled Seafood Recipes

If you’re stuck in a hamburger and steak grilling rut, these grilled seafood recipes will bring some welcome variety to your summer cookouts. Choose from albacore, halibut, salmon, striper, trout, and more. Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Trout I think we can all agree, most things taste better wrapped in bacon — that goes for grilled seafood recipes,…

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How to Fillet a Fish

fillet fish

I’m filleting a 30-kb Yellowtail from Catalina Offshore Products. A sharp knife is imperative! Check out Work Sharp’s line of sharpeners for a variety of tools to keep your knives sharp. Oh, and if you are filleting the fish and it smells bad, don’t eat it. [youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”hEajLTDO5CU”]

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Grilled Yellowtail with Jalapeno Jelly Glaze

Here’s a recipe that’s so easy, you’ll use it over and over. Great in a pinch when you want something that’s fast and delicious. Rubbing it in olive oil and sprinkling with salt and pepper helps to enhance the flavor of the fish.

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