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Knife Sharpening Tips

Knife Sharpening Tips

Enjoy Juicy Burgers on your Camp Chef Grill Box

Scott Leysath demonstrates how to grill venison burgers. As an expert chef, especially with wild game, Leysath shares a lot of great information about the whys and whats when making your own burgers and grilling on the grill. What you’ll need: Game meat, in burger formGrilled peppersPortabello mushroomsCheeseHi Mountain Seasoning – Mesquite burger flavoringOlive oilOnion…

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Breakfast

Scott prepares Corned Venison Hash, Cranberry Pancakes, a Breakfast Burrito and Hi Mountain Breakfast Sausage, all on his new Camp Chef Flat Top Grill.

Miguel Valdez makes Brown Butter for Fish

Learn How to Make Brown Butter – Perfect for Fish!

One of San Diego’s top chefs, Miguel Valdez, shows how to make brown butter, a perfect accompaniment for just-cooked fish from Catalina Offshore Products on The Sporting Chef TV show.

grilled yellowtail

How to Grill Yellowtail on Camp Chef Grill Pan AND Grill Box

I started with a 30 pound yellowtail from Catalina Offshore Products and show you how to grill it in a Camp Chef Grill Pan AND their Grill Box.  Note that I’m using Hi-Mountain Gourmet Fish Western Style Seasoning.

Stuffed Boneless Quail

The key is brining!! Brine for 2-3 hours in saltwater to remove blood/gamey taste.