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Why a podcast? Perhaps I needed a place to share my nearly 30 years experience as a Chef, caterer, restaurant manager, menu-developer, cocktail-creator, hunter, shooter...or perhaps I just needed an excuse to drink a glass of wine - virtually - with my good friend, Michelle Scheuermann, of BulletProof Communications.

This podcast was actually her idea and it took her about a year to convince me to do it. She finally flew out to California in mid-March of 2020 to record a few sessions, and wouldn't you believe it that right there, at my kitchen counter, we both found out the world was forever changing. Luckily she flew back to her home state of Minnesota just fine, but it took us another few months to edit those episodes and get this ball rolling.

Today, we have good flow going and have started inviting guests on the show - which isn't too hard to do as Michelle has also been in the outdoor industry going on 15 years.


Why Listen?

If you like wine, wild game, hearing what really goes on behind the scenes of a national TV show - or insider knowledge of the outdoor industry, this is for you.

Don't listen if you take things too seriously. But together, Michelle and I will probably change your mind on wild game cooking/eating and wine.

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Season 1

Off the Record – Eps 6

Off the Record with The Sporting Chef and Michelle – Eps 6 – Behind the Scenes with Scott. If you host television shows and travel all over cooking for a living, stuff happens. So Michelle asked Scott for some juicy BTS tales. One starts with friends squishing dog poop between their toes at the foot…

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Off the Record Podcast – Eps 1

Welcome to the very first episode of Off the Record Podcast with The Sporting Chef and Michelle! Celebrate the art of cooking and wine pairings with The Sporting Chef Scott Leysath and Outdoor Insider Michelle Scheuermann. Michelle visits Scott at his home in Northern California just before COVID-19 hits us hard. So its good we…

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Off the Record Podcast – Eps 2

We are being Politically Correct – and drinking a wine of the same name in Eps 4 of Off the Record Podcast. It is “Fear Factor” for Michelle as she tries two elk burgers Scott just prepared – one burger is not as done as she likes. Plus, we test the “red wine with meat” theory… What…

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Off the Record Podcast – Eps 3

Don’t overcook it. Eps 3 of Off the Record Podcast shows more in-depth talk of cooking medium and medium-rare foods – this time with salmon – and good wines. It’s salmon challenge week: will Michelle like the “not so done” piece? Scott seasons it with Hi Mountain Salmon Rub. Plus, he shares a lox-style salmon tips…

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Off the Record Podcast – Eps 4

We move away from wine to vodka in Off the Record Podcast Eps 4 – Vodcast. Scott and Michelle test vodkas while attempting to record an episode. Scott pierces the veil on brand-name vodkas – and the shenanigans that he does during parties. Plus, he dives into his favorite vodka drink – and how people…

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Off the Record Podcast – Eps 5

Welcome back to Off the Record Podcast – Eps 5 – Kitchen Hacks. Just once, you’d love to be a fly on the wall when a world-class chef is kicking back and spilling the beans about things he does every day to make food taste so good, right? Well, buzz your way over to this…

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