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Off the Record Podcast, Eps 27: Modular Gun Safe and Why You Need One with Steelhead Outdoors

Corey Meyer and Charlie Pehrson could not find the gun safe they wanted, so they built it, and they made a modular gun safe. Steelhead Outdoors was born in 2020 – their first show was Pheasant Fest in the Minneapolis in 2020 and they haven’t looked back. All the modular gun safe components are made in the USA, and the safe is manufactured and assembled in Minnesota. The beauty of Steelhead Outdoors safes is their modular components. If you move, you can take it with you. They offer a line of safes ready to buy off the line, or customize the safe with different colors for the outside, inside and logo. Plus, since Steelhead Outdoors fabricates what they need in-house, many customers have added customized logos or sayings to their safes.

Use code MELISSA to save money at SteelheadOutdoors.Com. Two people, two wrenches, two hours and you have a safe that you can take down and move again if need be.

Charlie Pehrson and Melissa Bachman with a customized Nomad 26 safe at the 2020 MN Deer & Turkey Expo

Steelhead Outdoors developed a line of vault doors or panic room doors in 2021. Also fully customizable with size and colors to match any decor. Both in-swing and out-swing doors are available.

Installed Vault Door or Panic Room Door

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