OTR Podcast, Eps 28: Tales from the Road with Camp Chef’s Brooks Hanson

An episode loaded with fascinating & funny stories from hunting & fishing trips near & far as Camp Chef’s Brooks Hanson spills the beans on Scott Leysath. Camp Chef is one of Scott’s longest tenured sponsors of “The Sporting Chef” TV series. Camp Chef is THE source for cast iron cooking and for grills and equipment for cooking on the road, in hunting camp or even on your back patio.

Scott and Brooks at Ringneck Retreat in South Dakota

Brooks has many stories to share about Scott – some better than others – and some not for podcast consumption. They discuss the difficulties of traveling internationally and being a hunter, plus bringing Camp Chef stoves and equipment with them.

Plus, did you know Molokai is a lot like hunting in South Africa? And Scott spills secrets on renting cars in today’s economy. Also, they talk about a huge influencer in the food network world, but we can’t say his name.

Brooks and Scott on Set Filming The Sporing Chef TV Series

Michelle sent Scott wine from Ledson Winery for Christmas, this is a new winery find on her latest travels. They are found near Glen Ellen, California. Since it was the weekday, no reservation was needed! Great wines and wonderful staff.

The view of the vineyards at Ledson Winery while sitting outside tasting

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