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Big Game Recipes

venison with blackberry sauce

Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

Sweet, sour and spicy — a great combination for any dark-fleshed game, like venison. Just how spicy will be determined by how much chipotle pepper you add to the sauce. You can buy chipotle peppers in a can. They’re hot, but not quite as hot as the adobo sauce they’re packed in. You can also…

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fish with orange sauce

Three Simple Wild Game Grilling Sauces

You’ve got to love it when you stumble upon a recipe that only needs a handful of ingredients, is simple to prepare and, best, tastes great. Chances are good that you won’t bother with a three-page recipe with a long list of obscure ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Here are some easy sauces that’ll…

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black bean salsa

Two Great Salsas

A departure from traditional tomato salsas, these are two of my favorite grilled venison toppers. After preparing the salsas, let them stand at room temperature for an hour to blend flavors and give them a chance to warm up. Putting cold salsa on a hot venison steak or fish just doesn’t make good sense. Black…

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compound butter

One Great Venison Steak

It doesn’t happen that often anymore, but I have had well-meaning folks bring me bone-in, gristly deer steaks that are about a foot in diameter. Some misguided soul has taken a deer hindquarter or, even worse, shoulder roast, and cut it into steaks with a band saw. If all you plan to do is cut…

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cuts of venison deer

No Problemo Shoulder Roast

I’d like to get back the hours spent excising usable pieces of stew meat from deer shoulders. It’s work best left to those who do it for a living. I’d rather spend my time doing something, anything, else. Fortunately, there’s a way to remove the meat from a bone-in deer shoulder that requires minimal knife…

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wild game red pepper marinade

Go-To Grilling Marinade

With just a hint of Asian flavors, this is a good everyday marinade with sweet and sour components. Marinate venison steaks 1 to 6 hours.

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venison burger with roasted vegetables

Open-Faced Roasted Pepper Swiss Venison Burgers

Flame-roasted peppers will spice up your venison burgers while adding needed moisture without added fat. Choose your peppers depending on how spicy you like your burgers. In a pinch, roasted peppers available in jars from your grocer will work, but make sure you drain them well before processing, or they will be too wet and…

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Chipotle Elk Sliders

Here’s a recipe you can use with your ground game, whether it’s elk, antelope, or deer. I like to make a batch of these ahead of time, then vacuum seal and freeze them. You can take them right out of the freezer, put them on the grill or in a skillet and they’ll be a…

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Wild Game Meat Loaf

Mexican Meatloaf

Among the many things you can do with ground wild game is one of my favorites – meatloaf. Meatloaf combines all the elements of burgers, meatballs and, in this case, tacos into a tasty dish that is as good the next day as it is when first served. I actually prefer leftover meatloaf that I…

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