Recipes with Beer: Father’s Day Edition

Since it falls in the middle of June, Father’s Day is a great excuse to crack open a cold beer. Even better when you can cook with beer, too. We’ve put together this list of some of our favorite Sporting Chef recipes that call for beer in the ingredients. Whether you’re grilling, poaching, or baking, you’ll find the perfect dish for your summertime festivities. Go ahead and pour yourself a glass, too!

Grilled Venison with Beerbecue Sauce

As the name implies, this homemade barbecue sauces features beer. If your barbecue sauce usually comes from a bottle, don’t be turned off by the idea of making it from scratch. It’ll be worth it for the flavor you get. Bonus: this sauce works well on upland game, grilled fish and just about anything else you can throw on the grill.

Get the Grilled Venison with Beerbecue Sauce recipe here.

Duck Breasts and Beer Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with this recipe – the duck breasts are served in sauce made with beer (I prefer dark but feel free to try it with your favorite beer), with sweet onions, garlic, and red bell pepper. Serve it all on a roll for a mouth-watering sandwich. Even better — add an ice-cold beer on the side.

Get the Duck Breasts and Beer Sandwich recipe here.

Beer Poached Halibut with Parmesan Cream Sauce

For moist and flavorful fish, poaching is a great way to go. While this recipe calls for halibut fillets, I’ve also used it with sea bass fillets or whole dressed fish.

Get the Beer Poached Halibut with Parmesan Cream Sauce recipe here.

Beer Can Pheasant

Moist on the inside, crispy on the outside is what you can look forward from this beer-can pheasant recipe. While you can buy a beer can holder, it isn’t strictly necessary – just stick the beer can in the bird’s cavity and set it upright.

Get the Beer Can Pheasant recipe here.

Boston-Style Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

Don’t forget the tartar sauce! This recipe for beer-battered fish will work well on most any fish. My personal favorites are crappie, bluegill, and rockfish. And, like pretty much every other recipe on this list, serve this up with a nice cold glass of your favorite brew.

Get the Boston-Style Beer-Battered Fish and Chips recipe here.

Tom Slater’s Barbecued Wild Turkey

To Tom Slater, barbecue means smoke – smoke from real wood coals or charcoal. We’re talking smoky flavor. This recipe also works well with a smoker, especially a water smoker.

Regardless of what equipment you use, the best way to cook your turkey is through indirect heat. That means if you’re using a standard kettle barbecue, get the coals white-hot, then move to the outside edges of the kettle. Put a pan of water on the lower rack and set the turkey on top.

And keep that meat thermometer handy. You’ll know your turkey is done when the center of the breast reads 150 degrees.

Get the recipe for Tom Slater’s Barbecued Wild Turkey here.


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