Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Wild Game Edition

Break out the tequila and limes…It’s Cinco de Mayo! But before you start imbibing, check out these these Cinco de Mayo recipes with a wild game twist. Bust out of your chips and salsa rut with wild turkey, flounder, and wild pig. You’ll also find a few venison recipes we think you’ll love for your Cinco de Mayo party.

Grilled Venison Fajita-Style Salad

This salad will serve up a well-seasoned meal that isn’t too spicy hot. And you can’t go wrong with a side of warm flour tortillas and your favorite Mexican beer. Put your own spin on this recipe by substituting your favorite Southwestern seasoning blend.

Check out the recipe for Grilled Venison Fajita-Style Salad here.

Venison Enchiladas

This versatile venison recipe calls for a venison hindquarter or shoulder roast. But if you’re short on time, skip the roasting part and use ground venison instead. If you do go the route of preparing a hindquarter or shoulder roast, you’ll have plenty of additional meat left over that you can freeze and use later for tacos, barbecue, or spaghetti.

Get the full Venison Enchiladas recipe here.

Wild Turkey Chile Verde

Chile Verde, also known as green chile gives a little kick to this dish … exactly what you’re looking for in a Cinco de Mayo recipe! Make the broth for this recipe from your turkey carcass, and nothing will go to waste. Plus, you’ll have flavor that can’t be found in a can or carton. If you don’t have time to make your own broth, you can always heat up a pot of chicken broth instead.

Get the full Wild Turkey Chile Verde recipe here.

Mexican Corn Salad with Shredded Meat

This Cinco de Mayo recipe comes from our Sporting Friend, Susie Jimenez. Everything Susie touches has a spicy twist to it, so if spicy just isn’t your thing, decrease the amount of cayenne or omit it altogether. Whether you serve this corn salad in lettuce cups, on top of tortillas, as a dip or by itself, you can’t go wrong with the fresh blend of flavors. Customize it with your favorite protein: chicken, wild turkey, shrimp, or crab.

Get the full Mexican Corn Salad recipe here.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Originally shown on the “Bottom Feeders” episode on Sportsman Channel, this spicy cocktail will knock your socks off. Look for the Búfalo and Valentina sauces in the Hispanic section of your local grocery store. And don’t forget the fresh lime wedges for serving. Salud!

Get the full Mexican Shrimp Cocktail recipe here.

Flounder with Mango Margarita Sauce

Can’t get enough margaritas? You’ll love this flounder made with a mango margarita sauce. And hey, go ahead and drink that margarita while you’re cooking. We won’t tell.

Get the full recipe for Flounder with Mango Margarita Sauce here.

Fish Tacos

Tacos on Cinco de Mayo are a no brainer. With cilantro, lime, tequila and avocado, you’ll go back for seconds (and maybe thirds). With these seasonings, even your friends who don’t particularly like fish will dig these tacos.

Get the full recipe for fish tacos here.

Wild Pig Enchiladas

This recipe calls for wild pig loins, but feel free to use any cut available. Adjust cooking time as needed; larger, bone-in cuts will need to cook longer. The key to getting the most flavor is giving your loins plenty of time to marinate ahead of time, ideally 12 to 24 hours.

Get the full recipe for Wild Pig Enchiladas here.

South-of-the-Border Sloppy Joes

This isn’t your momma’s sloppy joe recipe. With chili powder, cumin, jalapeno peppers, and tequila, these sloppy joes deliver a delicious upgrade that’s perfect for a casual Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Serve them on corn or flour tortillas for a fun twist.

Get the full recipe for South-of-the-Border Sloppy Joes here.

Venison Tostadas

A tostada is basically a hard shell taco unhinged. Tostadas are made by deep-frying corn tortillas, but you can also find them in the Hispanic section of your local grocery store. This deliciously simple Cinco de Mayo recipe is quick and easy to pull together and makes a refreshing snack or main course.

Get the full recipe for Venison Tostadas here.


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