Off the Record, Eps 18: Grumpy Old Chefs

Off the Record Podcast Eps 18: Grumpy Old Chefs Featuring John McGannon

Chef John McGannon of WildEats.Com is the special guest on this episode of Off the Record with The Sporting Chef and Michelle. He and Scott refer to themselves as “Grumpy Old Chefs” and Michelle isn’t hating it. In fact, John’s tombstone will read “the dry age guy,” and Scott’s will read “the brine guy.” They discuss the rise of the wild game food influencer and they always complicate something that isn’t that complicated. Oh, and it is never the Chef’s fault. (sarcastic tone). And pro tip: there is a difference between the backstrap and tenderloin on an animal. Plus, Michelle throws shade at the old OLN, which no one who knows OLN is listening to this, right?

Chef John McGannon is at

Get Chef McGannon’s “Hunter’s Meat Map” here FOR FREE:

Chef McGannon was drinking a sangiovese from Jeremy Wine Co.

Michelle was drinking a Chenin Blanc kept cool in her Vin Glace container.

Scott was drinking an Arnold Palmer because he was recovering. #Lame 

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