Off the Record Podcast Eps 16: Ryan Newkirk of Steinbeck Vineyards

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Just another day on the job at Steinbeck Vineyards

What’s it like to grow so many grapes you only use 1% of them to make your own wine? Ryan Newkirk of Steinbeck Vineyard is first and foremost a farmer of the Paso Robles land, who actually enjoys the two “b’s” – beer and bourbon. But he knows his stuff when it comes to wines. He shares why Paso wines can be drank “sooner” than other regions due to the weather and soil. Plus, Scott and Ryan discuss deer management at the winery (say what? Yes!)

Scott was drinking 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon “The Crash”  (be sure to listen to Ryan tell the story of a B-26 Bomber that crashed in the middle of the vineyard)

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