off the record podcast with Kevin Phillips

Off The Record Podcast Eps 22: Stuck in Lodi with Kevin Phillips of Michael David Winery

How did Michael David Winery, out of Lodi, Cali., get named the American Winery of the Year in 2020? Through a lot of time, hard work and family dedication. Listen in as Kevin Phillips, VP of Something at Michael David Winery, shares how his family started the vineyard in the ‘80’s, created a monster brand with “7 Deadly Zins” (which eventually sold to Constellation Brands) and that life is actually really good in Lodi.

BTW – that’s Scott singing and playing the “Stuck in Lodi” throughout the podcast. Plus, just like with the podcast (eps 16) with Ryan Newkirk of Steinbeck Vineyards, Kevin shares his latest hunting adventures and what’s on deck.

Visit Michael David Winery and get their Freakshow Chardonnay wine.

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