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Potato Crusted Striper

Take a little extra time to clean up your striper fillets. Remove the skin and any of the dark, fatty areas along the center of the fillet. Make ‘em pretty and they’ll taste better once cooked. It seems the potato of choice is yukon gold when it comes to these fillets. Print Recipe Potato Crusted…

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Whole Bass Baked with Mustard and Herbs

OK, I know you largemouth bass fishermen purists don’t ever admit to eating an occasional largemouth. Go ahead and continue your little charade. Meanwhile, the rest of us know that you have to remove (and consume) an occasional bass, especially if you’re fishing a small lake or pond. Otherwise, you’ll have a pond full of…

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Hot and Crusty Largemouth Bass

The fiery flavor and crunchy texture of this simple fish dish makes it one of my favorites. You can serve this either as an appetizer or as a main dish. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce such as tartar, cocktail or honey-mustard. Try not to put too much spice into your accompanying sauce since the…

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Broiled Calico Bass with Tomato and Cucumber Salsa

This is a light, crunchy salsa that won’t overpower the mild flavor of calico bass. You can also sauté, pan sear or grill the fish. The skin can be left on or off. I like to toss the tomatoes gently in a colander and let rest for a few minutes to drain off some of…

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