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Grilled Venison with Beerbecue Sauce

I know, the name “Beerbecue Sauce” is stupid, but, I do stupid things. Once you get past the cutesy name, I think you will enjoy the recipe. I’ve also used the barbecue sauce on grilled fish, upland game and just about any thing else that works on the ‘cue. I often grill any cut of…

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Venison Stroganoff

Most stroganoffs call for mushrooms, so use fresh ones for the best taste. And if you don’t like mushrooms, leave ’em out. I add parsley and blue cheese to the top of mine not only as a garnish, but the blue cheese adds that ‘kick.’ Print Recipe Venison Stroganoff Ingredients2 lbs venison carefully trimmed and…

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Silver Sage Venison Chili

Silver Sage Caterers, founded by Greg Cornell and me back in the early ’90’s, received more requests for the chili recipe than any other items we prepared. Leftovers have been auctioned off at dinners we catered for sporting groups like the California Waterfowl Association. For our signature beans, we use chunks of sirloin and linguica…

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Venison (deer, elk, antelope, moose) Shoulder Roast

Here’s my take on cooking antlered game shoulder and neck roasts. It’s not an exact method and do keep in mind if the meat doesn’t fall off the bone, keep cooking and make sure you’ve got some liquid, bbq sauce, etc. keep it moist during the last phase of cooking. For a link of a video…

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