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Sweet Potato Stew

The first few times I made this stew, it was based on a Moroccan recipe with prominent curry, turmeric and cinnamon flavors. Turns out that I don’t really care much for curry, turmeric and cinnamon, so the recipe eventually transitioned into the one below, resembling more of a traditional stew. If you like the aforementioned…

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Chile Colorado

There’s always been some confusion regarding the various spellings of chili, er… I mean chile. After consulting various resources, the majority suggest that chile is the pepper and chili is the dish. But then there’s chile verde and chile Colorado, both dishes that end with an e, not i. I really don’t care how it’s…

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Chile Verde Soup

I’ve used this recipe with an assortment of game animals including elk, deer, feral hogs and waterfowl. Serve with warm flour tortillas, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and cold Mexican beer.

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Grilled Venison, Tomato, Pepper and Corn Stew

This is a lighter stew I prepare during summer, when corn and tomatoes are in season and at the peak of flavor. Fire up the grill, sear the meat and vegetables, and simmer in a savory stock. Because this is quicker than a normal version of a stew, use better cuts of venison. To remove…

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