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Quail with Citrus

Here’s a recipe for all you upland bird hunters. You can make this with quail or pheasant, and it would also work well with any kind of fish. It starts with Hi-Mountain Seasonings Game Bird and Poultry Brine. I know what you’re thinking:  why do I need to brine quail, they’re so delicate anyway? The…

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Dutch-Oven Duck

Whether your heat source is a bed of white-hot coals or a rustic camp stove, a Dutch oven can cook your duck to fall-off-the-bone deliciousness. It’s an old-school slow-cooker for meat dishes that require low cooking temperatures and a little more time to make them tender. Print Recipe Dutch-Oven Duck Ingredients3 cups duck breast fillets…

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Speck Kabobs

White-fronted geese, often called specklebellies or simply specks, are generally acknowledged to be the best-tasting geese on the planet, but feel free to use this recipe with Canada geese as well. Kabobs are handy because they can provide meat, vegetables, and starches all in one. Print Recipe Speck Kabobs Ingredients4 cups trimmed specklebelly goose breast…

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