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Barbecued Venison Chuck Roast

Here’s a recipe for a deer roast that is located between the shoulder and the neck of the animal. This slow-roasting, low-temperature method is ideal for cooking lesser cuts of antlered game. Also, try it with the hindquarter roasts of older deer, elk, etc. that may be a little tough when cooked medium-rare. It is…

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Barbecued Trout

When it’s summertime and you really don’t feel like heating up the kitchen, the logical place to cook your dinner is outdoors on the barbecue. The recipe specifies trout, but this preparation works well with most fish. When cooking whole fish, figure on about 1 pound per person after cleaning and removing the head. If…

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Coca-Cola Barbecue Sauce

Dedicated to Ron Sellers, co-owner of Sacramento Coca-Cola.  Ron recently passed away, leaving behind a long history of dedication to supporting outdoor organizations like Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited and the California Waterfowl Association, to name only a few.  Thanks Ronny, for all you’ve done for everyone.  We’ll miss you. Print Recipe Coca-Cola Barbecue Sauce…

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Alabama White Barbecue Sauce

If you grew up in Alabama, this version of barbecue sauce probably seems perfectly normal. To the rest of the country, it might look more like a recipe for salad dressing. At a recent barbecue I attended outside of Huntsville, Alabama it appeared that the guests preferred the white stuff over the traditional barbecue sauce…

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