Papas Con Chile

Papas Con Chile is essentially a Mexican version of mashed potatoes from our Sporting Friend, Susie Jimenez. The only thing you may want to add to your version is cheese. And, like Susie mentions in the recipe, you can add your favorite wild game to this dish and make it more of the main meal,…

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Italian-Seasoned Venison Roast

Most folks don’t think about eating venison meat cold, like any other cold cuts from the local deli. Marinated, seasoned and roasted to medium-rare, it’s as good — no, better — than store-bought sliced meats. Sliced thin and piled high on toasted bread with cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles, now that’s a sandwich! This…

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Broiled Venison Tenderloin

Rick Vonk's Elk Tenderloin

I don’t soak my venison tenderloins in buttermilk, teriyaki sauce or anything else that is supposed to get rid of the gamey flavor. If your tenderloins taste gamey, it’s your own darn fault. This picture is from filming The Sporting Chef TV series with guest, Chef Rick Vonk from Alabama. He made an elk tenderloin…

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Mexican Meatloaf

Wild Game Meat Loaf

Among the many things you can do with ground wild game is one of my favorites – meatloaf. Meatloaf combines all the elements of burgers, meatballs and, in this case, tacos into a tasty dish that is as good the next day as it is when first served. I actually prefer leftover meatloaf that I…

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