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Doves, Brandy, Mushrooms and Orange

WARNING – this recipe uses alcohol – so proceed with caution! Ok, beyond that, this works well with any upland game, really. I think the photo is actually quails in the pan and not doves, but you get the point. I like the photo, so I’m using it. Print Recipe Doves, Brandy, Mushrooms and Orange…

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Peppercorn Dove Brochette

Now that your freezer is loaded with doves, it’s time to slap them on the grill while the weather is warm and the doves are not yet freezer-burned. No doubt you’re aware that freshly ground peppercorns deliver more flavor than the preground stuff. The reason that restaurant servers offer freshly ground pepper is not to…

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Spicy Dove on Tomato

I really do understand. If you soak your dove breasts in teriyaki sauce, wrap them in bacon and jalapeno pepper and slap them on the grill, they taste great. Just this once, I want you to try something a little different. This appetizer preparation is spicy, cool, cheesy and juicy – all in the same…

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Barbecued Dove with Honey, Mustard and Sage

You have two options when cooking doves. Fast and hot will produce a crispy, juicy and, hopefully, medium-rare bird. Slow and not-so-hot will result in more of a smoky flavor. Whichever method you choose, you should get the treble hooks out of your pocket and invest five bucks in a meat thermometer next time you…

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