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Raspberry Vinaigrette Marinade and Sauce

venison steak with raspberry sauce

If you’re short on time and looking for an easy and super-delicious marinade and sauce, this one fits the bill. Soak venison steaks for an hour or so before slapping on a white-hot grill. The sugary raspberry preserves will give the grilled meat crispy, caramelized edges. For extra flavor, baste with vinaigrette while grilling, and…

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grilled steak medallion

I often have people mistake my stuffed venison hindquarter cuts for backstraps. If you treat them right, they can be just as tender, especially if they’re removed from a young doe. The first step is to separate each muscle from the hindquarter. Using a sharp boning knife, work along the sinew that separates the muscle…

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Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

venison with blackberry sauce

Sweet, sour and spicy — a great combination for any dark-fleshed game, like venison. Just how spicy will be determined by how much chipotle pepper you add to the sauce. You can buy chipotle peppers in a can. They’re hot, but not quite as hot as the adobo sauce they’re packed in. You can also…

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Three Simple Wild Game Grilling Sauces

fish with orange sauce

You’ve got to love it when you stumble upon a recipe that only needs a handful of ingredients, is simple to prepare and, best, tastes great. Chances are good that you won’t bother with a three-page recipe with a long list of obscure ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Here are some easy sauces that’ll…

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