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Iceberg Wedge with Crispy Venison

Lots of people knock iceberg lettuce for its lack of nutritional value as compared to other lettuces. Iceberg is low on vitamins A and C compared to darker-leafed greens, but it’s crisp, crunchy and sits high and proud on a plate. This recipe simply builds a classic wedge-and-blue-cheese salad upon seasoned, pounded and seared venison…

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Mexican Corn Salad with Shredded Meat by Susie Jimenez

A great summer treat you can stuff into lettuce cups, serve on top of tortillas, use as a dip, or simply plate and serve as a salad, as in the picture. Susie grills up several corn cobs, but the recipe just calls for one. Go ahead and take the corn off the other cobs and…

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Grilled Venison Thai Salad

Contrary to what some folks think, Thai cuisine is not just fiery heat and oddball ingredients. It’s fresh, light and long on flavor. Because you’re making your own, add more or fewer red pepper flakes to suit your taste buds. Print Recipe Grilled Venison Thai Salad Servings: 4 servings Ingredients1 pound venison backstrap tenderloin or…

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