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Poached Trout with Green Chili Grits

If you watched the episode, “the New South” on Sportsman Channel, you would have seen me actually eat this dish in the episode – and I never do that – but the grits are THAT good. Catch full-length episodes of many of my past shows on my YouTube channel and subscribe!   Print Recipe Poached…

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Grilled Orange Marinated Trout

The sweet flavors of freshly squeezed orange juice and honey are balanced with just enough vinegar so that the marinade doesn’t overpower the fish. Trout has a delicate flavor so you don’t want to bury it in strong flavors. The marinade is great chicken, pork and shellfish as well. Print Recipe Grilled Orange Marinated Trout…

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Barbecued Trout

When it’s summertime and you really don’t feel like heating up the kitchen, the logical place to cook your dinner is outdoors on the barbecue. The recipe specifies trout, but this preparation works well with most fish. When cooking whole fish, figure on about 1 pound per person after cleaning and removing the head. If…

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