Spicy Venison & Black Bean Stir-Fry

Not to be confused with a Southwestern bean dish, this recipe is a somewhat spicy version of a traditional Asian stir-fry. As with any stir-fry, you’ll spend more time prepping than cooking. Just make sure that all of your ingredients are chopped and ready to go before you fire up the wok or skillet. The…

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Pan-Seared Tenderloin with Zinfandel Sauce

The Sporting Chef

If I’m cooking for a crowd, I’ll use an inexpensive generic wine for a reduction and save my money for the wines that I drink. If I’m making this recipe at home, my go-to wine is the Michael-David Freakshow Zinfandel. It’s a bit more subtle than some of the bolder zinfandels from the Lodi, California…

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Deer Diane

Steak Diane

Picture the waiter with the fancy outfit and the snotty attitude preparing a flaming steak Diane tableside at a white tablecloth restaurant. Now imagine the same guy screaming as he runs away with his mustache on fire. Know why? He wasn’t paying attention when he cooked with brandy and an open flame. Follow the directions…

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