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Apple-Stuffed Backstrap

roasted venison with herbs and vegetables

Backstraps can be stuffed with just about anything you can imagine — asparagus, roasted bell pepper, your favorite cheese, mushrooms, ham, cream cheese, dried fruit and anything else that honks your horns. This is one of my favorite combinations that’s sweet, sour, cheesy and spicy.

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Fig-Glazed Roast

venison roast

I usually keep a jar of balsamic vinegar-infused figs on hand. The mildly sweet figs pair well with the not-so-acidic vinegar. Add a sprig or two of fresh sage or rosemary and a few garlic cloves, and it’s an instant pan sauce. This balsamic-fig combo is one you’ll want to use again and again on…

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Texas-Style Hindquarter Oven Roast

venison dutch oven roast

Blasphemy! Making a “Texas-style” roast indoors just ain’t right. Here’s the deal. Not everyone owns an outdoor cooker. Others can’t get past the snow bank to even find the barbecue, but they’d still like to turn a big deer roast into something that’s long on flavor and eats like a pot roast. The process is…

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Raspberry Vinaigrette Marinade and Sauce

venison steak with raspberry sauce

If you’re short on time and looking for an easy and super-delicious marinade and sauce, this one fits the bill. Soak venison steaks for an hour or so before slapping on a white-hot grill. The sugary raspberry preserves will give the grilled meat crispy, caramelized edges. For extra flavor, baste with vinaigrette while grilling, and…

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