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OTR Eps 38: Thirty Days in South America Gets You a Show with Kevin Phillps

Scott Leysath and Michelle Scheuermann talk with Kevin Phillips of Michael David Winery fame about the new season of Dead Meat that starts December 4, 2023 on Outdoor Channel. Kevin and Scott spent 30 days in South America hunting, fishing, and drinking too much wine. Listen to the podcast on Libsyn here: Also, Michelle is…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 37: Two Sporting Chefs Make it Better: with Stacy Lyn Harris

New, and improved, Sporting Chef Season debuts September 25, 2023 on Outdoor Channel with Stacy Lyn Harris. Michelle and Scott also talk dove hunting, Midwest eating habits, milk, California, real eggs (brown vs white), Big Momma and lots of googling.  Listen to the episode on Libysn: Follow Stacy Lyn Harris on Facebook and Instagram…

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Dead Meat with Scott Leysath

OTR Podcast, Eps 36: The Show is Now Called “Off the Menu”

Scott and Michelle discuss Scott’s scope-eye situation, SHOT Show, South America, piranhas, overeating, throwing up a venison burrito, Dry July, social drinking, and how Scott still can’t get the show name correct… Kevin Phillips co-hosts this season of “Dead Meat” with Scott Leysath. Season 7 debuts on Outdoor Channel Dec 4 at 9:30 p.m. ET.…

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The Fishmonger on Outdoor Channel

OTR Podcast, Eps 35: The Most Important Person on Outdoor Channel is Tommy Gomes

Tommy Gomes, the Fishermonger, is the most important person on Outdoor Channel – or so Scott and Michelle say. Season three of “The Fishmonger” starts in May, 2023. They talk about: State of Jefferson, Windmill farms, Right whales, Tunaville Market, Season 3, Dry-aged fish, Flavor profiles, Michelle’s got attitude, Fish sausage, Wrench and Rodent, Catfish…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 34: River Klass and Ranch America Series

Meet the host of “Ranch America:” River Klass. Ranch America is produced by Scott Leysath and debuts on Outdoor Channel on March 6 at 9:30 p.m. ET. He, Scott Leysath and Michelle discuss Cows, Rodeos, Horses, Michelle and the FFA, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Gas Station Sushi (just don’t do it), Stemple Creek Beef, Calaveras Cowgirl…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 33: Holiday Shenanigans with Scott & Michelle

Scott & Michelle discuss stress-free holiday cooking (we do this to ourselves), how to corn venison, duck, or really, anything and Scott gives the latest updates on Ranch America, The Fishmonger, Dead Meat and Sporting Chef TV series. Oh, and cowboys in Hawaii are called paniolos. And they get a kick out of talking about…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 32: Why Do Sober October and Preview of BirdFest in SC

Michelle is doing Sober October (why?); Chef Scott is falling apart, why Hallmark Channel is the best; remember Paul James? and Michelle gives a preview of BirdFest with the Steep Canyon Rangers, South Carolina Waterfowl, V.I.P. Experience in Charleston SC. Plus, Scott shares how The Fishmonger is now famous, how Ranch America is coming along…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 31: Scott is Kicked to the Curb

Chef Scott Leysath is getting kicked to the curb, a new and improved Sporting Chef is on the deck with Stacy Lyn Harris debuting Sept 19 on Outdoor Channel. And what is Southern cuisine, anyway? Also, we discuss Alaska’s Talon Lodge, that time Michelle caught a King Salmon during spawning… the path of least resistance,…

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OTR Podcast, Eps 30: Snobs and It Isn’t Cow Poop if it Isn’t on the Ground

In this episode, Scott and Michelle talk about what’s up with Dead Meat and Ranch America, food snobs, wine snobs, Giardia three-way, off-limits critters, eating skunk and going deep in a cow’s rear end. Listen in and subscribe to the podcast! On iTunes hereOn Stitcher Radio hereOn iHeartRadio here Get Scott’s Recipes at SportingChef.Com Follow Scott on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube Watch Dead Meat and…

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