Hi Mountain Seasonings

We’ve used a ton of different seasonings and seasoning blends while developing TV shows, recipes and articles for publications like Ducks Unlimited Magazine, but we’ve never come across a line that is as creative, delicious and budget priced as Hi Mountain Seasonings.

If you watch the HuntFishCook show, you’ll see Scott use a variety of Hi Mountain Seasonings on fish, game, vegetables and anything else worth cooking. Hi Mountain Seasonings is a great down-to-earth company out of Wyoming that understands the importance of producing an exceptional, yet affordable line of products for those of us who like to cook…and eat!

If you’ve ever thought about making jerky, snackin’ sticks or summer sausage , but figured that it would be too complicated, Hi Mountain Seasonings makes it so simple even Donny could do it. Their kits make processing your fish and game into commercial quality treats easy.

Hi Mountain Seasonings has an incredible line of Western style seasonings for game, fish, domestic meats and poultry. From Wild River Trout Seasoning to Western Style Elk Steak Seasoning, these guys have the best blends on the market.

Check out all the products from Hi Mountain Seasonings at their website HERE. We’ve also spotted impressive displays of Hi Mountain Seasonings at most of the major outdoor chains if you’re one of those touchy-feely types.
The Sporting Chef’s favorite Hi Mountain Seasonings include the Steak Rub and the new Jalapeno Snackin’ Sticks.

Website: http://himtnjerky.com

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