Maple Breakfast Sausage with Buttery Red Eye Gravy

homemade venison sausage

It’s been my experience that most folks won’t bother giving a sausage recipe a second look. They think it requires special equipment and a chemistry degree. Grinders, cures and casings — and, really, what are those casings made of anyway? This breakfast sausage recipe is as simple as making venison burgers. Nothing more than a…

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Breakfast Venison Steak, Egg and Cheesy Cat Head Biscuit Sandwich

It’s a Southern thing, or “thang.” From the Mississippi Delta to the Appalachians of Virginia, I’ve been served cat head biscuits in various forms, and they’ve all been exceptionally good. Some are light and flaky, others a bit on the heavy side. The “cat head” name comes from the irregular shape of the oversized biscuits.…

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Honker Apple Breakfast Sausage Sandwich – Ducks Unlimited Recipe

You can make sausage out of just about any meat, including ducks and geese. My favorite camp breakfast is a homemade sausage patty topped with cheese and scrambled eggs and sandwiched into sturdy English muffins. This sandwich can be consumed at the table or packed away as an easy-to-eat duck blind snack. Get the recipe…

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