Quail with Tomato-Basil Beurre Blanc

Don’t let the name run you off. It’s just a wine and butter sauce. Great on fish and light-fleshed game, such as quail, which is what is seen here. Try it with red wine (beurre rouge) with antlered game and waterfowl – and let me know what you think of it. If you don’t like…

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Pan-Seared Tenderloin with Zinfandel Sauce

The Sporting Chef

If I’m cooking for a crowd, I’ll use an inexpensive generic wine for a reduction and save my money for the wines that I drink. If I’m making this recipe at home, my go-to wine is the Michael-David Freakshow Zinfandel. It’s a bit more subtle than some of the bolder zinfandels from the Lodi, California…

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Fish, Game & Ketchup

Although you may be short on a few other ingredients, there’s usually a bottle of ketchup in the fridge. Many Farmer’s Markets are open with fresh, seasonal produce. Check them out! Here are a few recipe ideas to get you going. Now, you might be out of one or two ingredients and that’s where your…

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Raspberry Vinaigrette Marinade and Sauce

venison steak with raspberry sauce

If you’re short on time and looking for an easy and super-delicious marinade and sauce, this one fits the bill. Soak venison steaks for an hour or so before slapping on a white-hot grill. The sugary raspberry preserves will give the grilled meat crispy, caramelized edges. For extra flavor, baste with vinaigrette while grilling, and…

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