Small Game Recipes

Wild Turkey Chile Verde

Everybody’s going “green” these days. It’s the responsible thing to do. But what about green meat? Other than ‘Green Eggs and Ham” I can’t think of too many instances when green meat is a good thing…unless it’s a steamy bowl of Wild Turkey Chile Verde. That’s “Green Chile” to those of you who are new…

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Smoked Wild Turkey Salad

If you don’t have a smoker or any smoked wild turkey meat on hand, substitute any cooked upland game bird meat. Leave the turkey whole in legs or wings, like in the picture, for a different method of serving. Try making your own dressing too – it tastes much better than store bought.

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Thanksgiving Turkey (domestic)

My way of cooking a domestic turkey is loosely borrowed from Alton Brown of Food TV’s “Good Eats”. The key is the brining process. Brining adds flavor and moisture, both good things when it comes to turkey, Another important element is roasting the bird breast side down. Don’t place the turkey in a rack. Just…

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Simple rice and gravy squirrel dish.

Simple Squirrel (Hillbilly squirrel & gravy over rice)

What wine do you pair with squirrel? Since it is still a game meat, and a dark meat at that, a red wine would work best – especially with this heavier dish of gravy and rice. But really, even a great Chardonnay would go well with this dish. Try Michael David Winery Chardonnay 

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Smoked Wild Turkey Lettuce Cups

While you can prepare this recipe with raw, not smoke-flavored wild turkey breast fillets, a mild smoke really does make it mo betta. We soaked our turkey breasts in a brine of 1 quart water, 1/4 cup garlic salt.

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