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Honker Apple Breakfast Sausage Sandwich – Ducks Unlimited Recipe

You can make sausage out of just about any meat, including ducks and geese. My favorite camp breakfast is a homemade sausage patty topped with cheese and scrambled eggs and sandwiched into sturdy English muffins. This sandwich can be consumed at the table or packed away as an easy-to-eat duck blind snack. Get the recipe…

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Poached Trout with Green Chili Grits

If you watched the episode, “the New South” on Sportsman Channel, you would have seen me actually eat this dish in the episode – and I never do that – but the grits are THAT good. Catch full-length episodes of many of my past shows on my YouTube channel and subscribe!   Print Recipe Poached…

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Cee Dub’s Feral Hog Breakfast

Cee Dub makes breakfast on a sweet Camp Chef set up featuring sourdough pancakes and wild hog breakfast sausage featuring Hi Mountain Seasoning’s breakfast sausage mix. [youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”qfCh_9IUz3Y”]

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Elk Breakfast Sausage with Red Eye Gravy Using Coffee

This recipe uses Hi Mountain Seasonings Prairie Sage Breakfast Sausage Seasoning and ground elk. Watch an entire episode of “Hunt.Fish.Cook” below on how to make this delicious breakfast. [youtube width=”600″ height=”360″ video_id=”Ahqe-H2tSTE”] Print Recipe Elk Breakfast Sausage with Red Eye Gravy (coffee) Ingredients1 1/4 pounds ground elk1/4 pound ground pork1 tablespoon Hi Mountain Prairie Sage…

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