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Catfish Wrap with Avocado and Tomato Salsa

How you cook the fish is your call, but I prefer the smoky flavor of grilled fish. However you decide to cook it, just don’t cook it too long! The coleslaw makes it cool, creamy and crunchy. The biggest tortillas you can find work best. If all you can locate are smaller ones, allow two…

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Cynthia’s Catfish Stew

A Best of Bacon Recipe Contest 2004 winner, this recipe comes to The Sporting Chef from Cynthia Rice of Douglas, GA. Cynthia received a bunch of Ducks Unlimited Seasoning and Rubs, Marinades and Seasoning Blends for taking the time to share this delicious stew. Thanks, Cynthia! Print Recipe Cynthia’s Catfish Stew Ingredients5 pounds or so…

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Crunchy Catfish with Lemon Lime Tartar Sauce

The special ingredient, besides really fresh catfish, is masa flour. It’s the treated corn flour used to make tamales. It’s probably in your market, but you may not know it’s there. Look for a bag in the Hispanic or baking sections of your store. A $4 bag will last you a long time, unless you…

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Catfish with Pecan Cream Cheese

I’ve used this recipe on a variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish. The key is to make sure that the fillets are thin enough to roll up without a struggle and thick enough to keep from tearing. In the photo, they added a shrimp in the middle, very sushi-like. Print Recipe Catfish with Pecan…

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