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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo the time to celebrate the May 5th Victory! Eat some tacos, enchiladas and salsa. Put together a feast of your own with one or all of the five recipes below. Pheasant Street Tacos Slow Roasted Goose Tacos Rabbit Enchiladas Wild Pig Enchiladas Tomato Cucumber Salsa

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Speck Kabobs

White-fronted geese, often called specklebellies or simply specks, are generally acknowledged to be the best-tasting geese on the planet, but feel free to use this recipe with Canada geese as well. Kabobs are handy because they can provide meat, vegetables, and starches all in one. Print Recipe Speck Kabobs Ingredients4 cups trimmed specklebelly goose breast…

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Honker Apple Breakfast Sausage Sandwich – Ducks Unlimited Recipe

You can make sausage out of just about any meat, including ducks and geese. My favorite camp breakfast is a homemade sausage patty topped with cheese and scrambled eggs and sandwiched into sturdy English muffins. This sandwich can be consumed at the table or packed away as an easy-to-eat duck blind snack. Get the recipe…

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Basic Fowl Brine

Brine is easy to make and you don’t need to buy the pre-made stuff from the store. Use this for any fowl to enhance flavor and to retain moistness. Print Recipe Basic Fowl Brine Ingredients1/2 gallon water1/2 cup kosher or any coarse salt1/2 cup brown sugar optional1/2 cup pickling spices InstructionsHeat 2 cups of the…

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