Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Wild Game Edition

Break out the tequila and limes…It’s Cinco de Mayo! But before you start imbibing, check out these these Cinco de Mayo recipes with a wild game twist. Bust out of your chips and salsa rut with wild turkey, flounder, and wild pig. You’ll also find a few venison recipes we think you’ll love for your…

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Mexican Meatloaf

Wild Game Meat Loaf

Among the many things you can do with ground wild game is one of my favorites – meatloaf. Meatloaf combines all the elements of burgers, meatballs and, in this case, tacos into a tasty dish that is as good the next day as it is when first served. I actually prefer leftover meatloaf that I…

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Pheasant Street Tacos

Street tacos were so named by Americans after they discovered being served by street vendors across Mexico. Smallish corn tortillas are doubled to keep the filling from falling onto the street while being eaten standing up. What you put in your street taco is a matter of personal choice. If pulled leg and thigh pheasant…

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