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Tom Slater’s Barbecued Wild Turkey

Tom says that the key to this recipe is the use of a real barbecue. Now, I know a bunch of you think that your propane unit qualifies as a barbecue. And I suppose that a Subaru Brat is a pickup truck, too. To Tom Slater, barbecue means smoke – smoke from real wood coals…

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Crispy Turkey with Creamy Pesto Sauce

Now if you had a turkey fryer, it would make this recipe easy to put together. Or use this recipe if you have fryer leftover. And don’t worry if you don’t have pine nuts, you can substitute almonds, although the taste & consistency is different.   Print Recipe Crispy Turkey with Creamy Pesto Sauce Ingredients2…

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Quick Wild Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

If you want to take your time, make your own stock out of a roasted wild turkey carcass and leg/thigh meat. Be sure to let the wild rice cook for awhile, it takes longer to cook than regular rice. And if you just don’t have time, then swap the rice out for noodles. Print Recipe…

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Wild Turkey Tamales

Great with any wild game, including shredded wild turkey breasts. Slow roast deer neck and shoulder roasts, shred the meat and wrap it up in masa. About the Masa, To prepare the masa, pick up a bag at the grocery store and follow the directions on the bag for tamale dough. I start with 2…

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