Upland Game Recipes

Pheasant Street Tacos

Street tacos were so named by Americans after they discovered being served by street vendors across Mexico. Smallish corn tortillas are doubled to keep the filling from falling onto the street while being eaten standing up. What you put in your street taco is a matter of personal choice. If pulled leg and thigh pheasant…

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Marinated Pheasant with Pecan Pesto Vinaigrette

Let’s say you found a pheasant in the back of your freezer and it’s a year old or more. The thing about meat is, it just doesn’t get better with prolonged freezing. This is true with beef, more so with poultry and fish…forget about it. When it comes to fish, fresh is always best. But…

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Beer Can Pheasant

I’ve been toying with a contraption called a Keg Roaster by Camp Chef and I think it’s pretty cool. The way it works is to roast a bird – pheasant, duck, chicken, turkey – with a beer can firmly wedged into the cavity while cooking. The bird stands upright and the beer steams into the…

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pheasant with almond mole

Pheasant with Almond Mole

Susie Jimenez, Food Network Star Finalist, shows how to make mole WITHOUT using chocolate – all from scratch of course. In my “Sporting Chef” show, Susie cooked the pheasant confit – meaning low and slow – and use all the parts, not just the breast. Enjoy this over American white or brown rice.  

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Pheasant Cashew Salad

Smoked Pheasant and Cashew Salad

When I was making this on The Sporting Chef show, I thought it would taste just as good between two slices of bread. This is one of those recipes that works well for leaner cuts of meat, such as pheasant or wild turkey. We smoked our pheasant breast and thighs in the Camp Chef SmokePro…

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Stuffed Boneless Quail

The key is brining!! Brine for 2-3 hours in saltwater to remove blood/gamey taste.

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Wild Game Pizza

What you slap on your pizza is a matter of choice and what’s available as far as wild game options. For this Wild Game Pizza, I used a variety of sliced game sausage and salami, along with some pretty good cheese. The idea is to make some good use of your cured/and or processed game…

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Peppercorn Dove Brochette

Now that your freezer is loaded with doves, it’s time to slap them on the grill while the weather is warm and the doves are not yet freezer-burned. No doubt you’re aware that freshly ground peppercorns deliver more flavor than the preground stuff. The reason that restaurant servers offer freshly ground pepper is not to…

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Mushroom Stuffed Pheasant Breasts

This calls for 8 pheasant breasts, so if you don’t have that many, add some chicken to the mix. You’ll want a sharp knife to slice the breasts to get a clean cut. Keep your knives sharp with Work Sharp Tools. They have a variety of options for any knife in your kitchen.

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