OTR Podcast, Eps 28: Tales from the Road with Camp Chef’s Brooks Hanson

An episode loaded with fascinating & funny stories from hunting & fishing trips near & far as Camp Chef’s Brooks Hanson spills the beans on Scott Leysath. Camp Chef is one of Scott’s longest tenured sponsors of “The Sporting Chef” TV series. Camp Chef is THE source for cast iron cooking and for grills and…

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Off the Record Podcast Eps 26: Keng Becomes a Hunter

Keng Yang anti-hunter turned hunter

On Episode 26 of “Off the Record with The Sporting Chef and Michelle” Chef Scott and Michelle chat with an anti-hunter-turned-hunter. What?! Yes! What are the odds that someone opposed to hunting becomes an adult-onset hunter? Slim, indeed… but meet our guest, Keng Yang, who found a love of hunting and traditions thanks to getting…

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Off the Record Podcast Eps 25 : Time to Clean Out the Wild Game Freezer!

off the record logo

On Episode 25 of Off the Record with The Sporting Chef & Michelle, Chef Scott & Michelle remind us that hunting season’s comin’ so it’s time to empty your freezer of last year’s game and fish. Grind things up to make burgers, fish cakes and more tasty meals. Here’s the recipe for Scott’s fish cakes…

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